Oman episode 5 🇬🇧

How naive was I thinking that once B. got his visa and a ticket he was actually coming! By pure coincidence, because no one tells you anything here, I found out that due to the fact that he is from Pakistan, there were a couple of checks that had to be completed prior to his arrival and without which he wouldn’t have been allowed to board the plane. It took me two long days to make sure they were done. Then after he already had his boarding pass in his hands, he was thoroughly interviewed at the Islamabad airport (apparently it was hard for them to believe that a Pakistani could be married to a Polish and they are both going to live in Oman) and then another screening on his arrival in Muscat, which took about 1.5 hours compared to mine 25 mins at the same airport two weeks earlier. Anyway, he did eventually get here in one piece and has been for just over a week now.

I don’t have to explain how much different and better out lives have been since he arrived. We are a family and it feels like family again. The thing is though that without a car we cannot do much around here. We kind of live in the middle of nowhere, and though there is a decent supermarket downstairs and I get picked up and dropped off by the university bus, we do need a car to get out of the house.  At first the idea was that B. would be driving and getting to know the places while I was at university, but it turns out that it’s not that simple. First of all, he’s currently on the visit visa and for this reason cannot drive unless a rental car. Secondly, even if he could, they don’t accept Pakistani driving licenses and he’d have to take the exam again, whereas changing my Polish one into an Omani was a matter of half an hour. It’s rather ironic, really. He’s an excellent driver, but it is me who will have to drive even though I haven’t driven for nine years (and not before that either) despite having a driving licence since 2007 (I passed the exams two days before I left Poland for good). In fact, I never thought I’d ever drive again, and here I am – under pressure to do so if we want to have a quality life. For this reason, we rented a car (on the cover photo) from a colleague of mine for the weekend and I have been driving around for just over 24 hours to practise.  I can’t say that I’m enjoying it, to be fair, but I really have no choice. We are also trying to get our own car.

I’m not really sure what’s going to happen. We are now trying to get B. a more permanent visa than the visit one. We’re looking for a job for him in order to make it happen. We have finally got the Internet at home after two weeks of waiting. The job is going well, though not really what I had in mind. It’s been just over three tough weeks and it’s really hard to tell what’s coming. I’m still not sure if coming here was a good decision. Time will tell, I guess…


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